Two Elevenies

1. Portrait

Projects worldview
Shiny bald head
A red-circled swastika

Consumes him
Confederacy, leather, guns
Running with white brethren

2. Resist

Becomes king
Trumpeting retaliatory tweets
While nothing gets done

Boosts buffoon’s
Body of power
His pundits beat drums

Don’t normalize
This scheming GOP
Distracting us from evil

Brenda Warren 2017


Tick Tock

Tick tock
Poppy cock
Hickory dickory dock

A scarlet harlot
A scheming starlet
Creates a hullabaloo
For howdy doody
Her hallowed booty
Reeks hither – ability

Celebrity snatches
At pussy galore
What more
Should a woman
Strive for

Come hither then wither
You dithery dick
Miles from slick
You’re sick

The dominoes will drop

Tick tock
Poppy cock
Hickory dickory dock

Brenda Warren


A skeleton of word pairs took shape quickly following yesterday’s prompt requesting assonance and alliteration. I left them for future use. Struggling to construct a Ghazal for today’s NaPo prompt, I returned to yesterday’s word pairings. This raunchy little rhyme resulted.

Immigration Pantoum

The tears you shed for children dead
Defy principles you proffer.
Months ago you rallied hate
And cheered an “immigration ban.”

Defy principles you proffer.
Form them into nails for your palms.
Go! Cheer your immigration ban,
While sarin gas dissipates.

Pound the nails into your palms;
You do so much for everyone!
While sarin gas dissipates
And Syrian people die,

You do so much for everyone.
Months ago you rallied hate
And Syrian people die.
Please, dry tears shed for children dead.

What right do you have to cry?

Brenda Warren 2017


An Elegy for America

Truth recoils
beneath a tweeter-in-chief.
A prevaricating bully.
A derisive philistine.
He taints the nation ludicrous
and shits down the throat
of her dreams.

Indivisibility vanishes
as spending is cut
for Planned Parenthood
Meals on Wheels
Before and after school programs
Food Stamps
and the Arts.

Liberty fears
the loss of net neutrality,
jails for profit,
silenced reporters,
and dismantled schools.

Justice for all weeps
when good old boy judges slap
the wrists of rapists.

And when the people elect
a predator,
allegiance falters.


do something.

America is dying; she gasps beneath an orange sky.

Brenda Warren 2017

Recipe for Ruination

Spread fake news to
elect a petulant leader.
A pussy grabbing narcissist.
Impulsive and self-righteous.
A cacophonous fibber.
A bully supreme.

Stoke the flames
of the leader’s pants
with media coverage of tweet accusations
to divert the followers
who feast
on his fraudulent crumbs.

Add to this an assembled body of
conservative, indignant, power hungry,
mean-spirited, rich white men
wanting to right imaginary wrongs,
wanting to whitewash government,
wanting to cleanse the stench that blackness
left lingering in the hallowed halls
of this fresh hell.

Imbue with authority to legislate.
Bring to a rapid boil.
Remove from heat and stir in a heaping mound of self-interest.

Recipe serves: 1%

Brenda Warren 2017


Ruination’s Sway

Saying what you mean
is not meaning what you say.
You shake loose fake news
like feathers as you preen
strutting your stuff across this sinking
ship, bolstered and emboldened
by invisible masses
that feed upon words you
break, bruise, and

Saying what you mean
not meaning what you say.

Brenda Warren 2017

Baa, baa, Trump Sheep

Disregard facts
hold tight to your faith
that Donald will transform the world
with words that flower hate.

Baa, baa, Trump sheep
have you any soul?
No ma’am, no ma’am,
we sold it at the store
of bigotry and hatred
punch ‘em in the face
later on we’ll kill them
to further our disgrace.

Disregard facts
disseminate dreams
of a whitewashed world
the home of the free.

Free to be a racist,
proud to be seen
beating up the “other”
on our media screens.

Baa, baa, Trump sheep
have you any soul?
No ma’am, no ma’am,
we sold it at the store
of incendiary language
punch ‘em in the face
treat ‘em like an object
obstructing our race.

Practice smug abhorrence
present it to malign
anyone who interrupts
your hate-filled lies.
Disregard facts
let ignorance shine.

Baa, baa, Trump sheep
have you any soul?
No ma’am, no ma’am,
we sold it at the store.

Brenda Warren 2016


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