An Ogre in the Oval Office

Evil grenade
Incited to rage when his henchmen strayed
Voters ignored his plea to succeed
So he growled and howled
And still tried to lead
The desperate, evil, racist brigade
Egged on by himself,
The orange grenade

This ogre, this reptile, this stain in our eye
Promoted a huge election lie
Designed to retain him
Designed to en-reign him
Designed to make him the king we denied

Witnessing horror abroad on tv
I’m counting our blessings that we removed he

who will not be named

~bw 22

Day Five asked us to write about a mythical creature doing something unusual. I wish this creature was mythical, and hope he fades away to nothing more than a smudge on our democratic republic.

To the guy in the White House who claims to cherish women

I am a woman.
What is it about us
that makes you see us bleed?
From our faces.
From our eyes.
From our wherever.

How can you cherish women
when you call us
fat pigs
disgusting animals
a piece of ass?

You do not cherish women.
You loathe us.
You fear us.
You see us as objects.

Literally and metaphorically,
you fuck us.

What transpired to create you?
Were you born this way?
Did your mother love you?

Or is it true that monsters are fed,
not made?

I hope your supporters wake up.
I hope they understand what it means
to honor women.

I hope they stop feeding you.

We need to show
the sons and daughters of today
how not to be you,

Brenda Warren

Their They

I have a confession to make
There’s this nagging thought
Almost ever present
Maybe fueled by hope
Maybe fueled by love
Maybe it’s absolutely ludicrous


I keep thinking
That they will
Wake up
That they will
Smell the proverbial coffee
That they will
See the error of their
Voting ways

Almost daily I think
Will be the final straw
Will open
Their eyes
Their hearts
Their minds
Will save
Our freedoms
Our health
Our planet

Almost daily
Disappointment trails
Behind my hope

But I’m not ready to let it go

So here we are

And I wonder,
Am I their they?

Brenda Warren 2017


In this dark nation where votes
Empty opportunity
While crowds cheer
I feel baffled
I fear the fruits of ignorance
Polished and waxed
By those truly tasting
Authority’s glory
They see themselves reflected
In the smiling face of fuck you
Smug. A little bit richer than before
They spin their crime like a top
Whirring and blurring
Our nation’s deep loss

Brenda Warren 2017

Two Elevenies

1. Portrait

Projects worldview
Shiny bald head
A red-circled swastika

Consumes him
Confederacy, leather, guns
Running with white brethren

2. Resist

Becomes king
Trumpeting retaliatory tweets
While nothing gets done

Boosts buffoon’s
Body of power
His pundits beat drums

Don’t normalize
This scheming GOP
Distracting us from evil

Brenda Warren 2017


Tick Tock

Tick tock
Poppy cock
Hickory dickory dock

A scarlet harlot
A scheming starlet
Creates a hullabaloo
For howdy doody
Her hallowed booty
Reeks hither – ability

Celebrity snatches
At pussy galore
What more
Should a woman
Strive for

Come hither then wither
You dithery dick
Miles from slick
You’re sick

The dominoes will drop

Tick tock
Poppy cock
Hickory dickory dock

Brenda Warren


A skeleton of word pairs took shape quickly following yesterday’s prompt requesting assonance and alliteration. I left them for future use. Struggling to construct a Ghazal for today’s NaPo prompt, I returned to yesterday’s word pairings. This raunchy little rhyme resulted.

Immigration Pantoum

The tears you shed for children dead
Defy principles you proffer.
Months ago you rallied hate
And cheered an “immigration ban.”

Defy principles you proffer.
Form them into nails for your palms.
Go! Cheer your immigration ban,
While sarin gas dissipates.

Pound the nails into your palms;
You do so much for everyone!
While sarin gas dissipates
And Syrian people die,

You do so much for everyone.
Months ago you rallied hate
And Syrian people die.
Please, dry tears shed for children dead.

What right do you have to cry?

Brenda Warren 2017


An Elegy for America

Truth recoils
beneath a tweeter-in-chief.
A prevaricating bully.
A derisive philistine.
He taints the nation ludicrous
and shits down the throat
of her dreams.

Indivisibility vanishes
as spending is cut
for Planned Parenthood
Meals on Wheels
Before and after school programs
Food Stamps
and the Arts.

Liberty fears
the loss of net neutrality,
jails for profit,
silenced reporters,
and dismantled schools.

Justice for all weeps
when good old boy judges slap
the wrists of rapists.

And when the people elect
a predator,
allegiance falters.


do something.

America is dying; she gasps beneath an orange sky.

Brenda Warren 2017

Recipe for Ruination

Spread fake news to
elect a petulant leader.
A pussy grabbing narcissist.
Impulsive and self-righteous.
A cacophonous fibber.
A bully supreme.

Stoke the flames
of the leader’s pants
with media coverage of tweet accusations
to divert the followers
who feast
on his fraudulent crumbs.

Add to this an assembled body of
conservative, indignant, power hungry,
mean-spirited, rich white men
wanting to right imaginary wrongs,
wanting to whitewash government,
wanting to cleanse the stench that blackness
left lingering in the hallowed halls
of this fresh hell.

Imbue with authority to legislate.
Bring to a rapid boil.
Remove from heat and stir in a heaping mound of self-interest.

Recipe serves: 1%

Brenda Warren 2017