Recipe for Ruination

Spread fake news to
elect a petulant leader.
A pussy grabbing narcissist.
Impulsive and self-righteous.
A cacophonous fibber.
A bully supreme.

Stoke the flames
of the leader’s pants
with media coverage of tweet accusations
to divert the followers
who feast
on his fraudulent crumbs.

Add to this an assembled body of
conservative, indignant, power hungry,
mean-spirited, rich white men
wanting to right imaginary wrongs,
wanting to whitewash government,
wanting to cleanse the stench that blackness
left lingering in the hallowed halls
of this fresh hell.

Imbue with authority to legislate.
Bring to a rapid boil.
Remove from heat and stir in a heaping mound of self-interest.

Recipe serves: 1%

Brenda Warren 2017


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