My decision to move to wordpress came some time ago.  The decision to not move Beyond the Bozone over was more difficult.  First, I needed a name I liked for this blog. Then I had to come to terms with an ending of a writing space I love

More than once, I’ve conversed through caws with crows.  It’s a call I’ve mastered. I chose the name undercaws to honor the force that gives words life, that reaches up from underneath them and forces them out through my fingers, much like calling crows get my caw up.  I imagine I’ll grow to love undercaws, but Beyond the Bozone was my first poetic home out here, and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

All of the poems are my property. The header is always a photograph I took myself, somewhere in the state of Montana.

Thank you for stopping to read my words.


21 thoughts on “About

    • Welcome, and thank you for following undercaws. I only left Montana last June. It’s been a difficult transition, but I love that my roots are strongly embedded in Montana’s landscapes.


      • That is lovely! I am sorry you had to leave. I miss Montana always and also consider myself a Montana native. I have been in Chicago for quite sometime for work. 🙂 I go back often to visit.


  1. So tell me was this a move that today you deem a good choice? I ask because My main blog was at Blogger and called Crows Feet. I am sorry to have changed. I love and deeply relate to the name of your blog. But why an osprey (assuming that I am correct) and not a crow as your header?


    • Yes, I think it was a good move for many reasons. WordPress has more bells and whistles behind the scenes. I like it.

      The picture is an osprey. It is a picture that I took myself, on a fabulous day. I love it. I do change the header from time to time…but this one sticks with me.


  2. A belated welcome to WordPress, Brenda. Could you add a subscription button? Then I never need miss a post again (which happens a lot as I try to keep up with everyone).


    • There is now a subscribe button on my homepage. I’m having a blog maintenance day today. Trying to snazz it up some. I miss posts, too. It’s all good, Tilly. Thanks for the push to get that button out there, and for reading when time allows.


  3. Welcome to WP Brenda. I think you’ll be well pleased. And I understand about “the change”, how any change can also mean at least some measure of distress (for a while), but welcome anyway.

    I like the new blog name too. ~neil


    • Thank you for the welcome, Neil. undercaws is an interesting name, isn’t it? My distresss over leaving the Bozone behind is lessening into something like nostalgia. Pangs of sweetness and loss.


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