Immigration Pantoum

The tears you shed for children dead
Defy principles you proffer.
Months ago you rallied hate
And cheered an “immigration ban.”

Defy principles you proffer.
Form them into nails for your palms.
Go! Cheer your immigration ban,
While sarin gas dissipates.

Pound the nails into your palms;
You do so much for everyone!
While sarin gas dissipates
And Syrian people die,

You do so much for everyone.
Months ago you rallied hate
And Syrian people die.
Please, dry tears shed for children dead.

What right do you have to cry?

Brenda Warren 2017


4 thoughts on “Immigration Pantoum

  1. This sums up so many of my thoughts today. The way you executed the form for this subject was really well done. I hope you don’t mind, I’m linking your poem in my own post as one of my daily recommendations. Thank you for sharing this.


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