Echoing Hope

Ancient grains of hope, stories survive
within the hollow bones of crows.

Legends splinter, escaping through cracks
as caws collapse against night.

Did you hear that?

Old crows caw history’s quilt, stitching stars to clay
somewhere between marrow and loft
where hearts crawl open
echoing grains of hope.

Brenda Warren 2015


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river of change

Singing provides a place for grief to move
through the thousand thunderous memories
that flash in bits and pieces
pulsing pictures of your son’s short life—
toothy grins and tomato soup,
grass stained whisperings,
your spit smudging dirt
from his soft pink cheek.

Days count themselves empty
since children and teachers lay crumpled
in red pools of dying self
on December 14.

As the media dish moves beyond Sandy Hook,
singing pulses its balm through crowds
massing movement through hearts,
transforming pain through prayers
that carry messages of love.

Your voices move like a river carving channels
through the spirit of our land,
creating conduits for hope’s flowing grace.

Brenda Warren 2013

Francine and David Wheeler lost six year old Ben in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This piece is my response to an interview with Francine, David, and Peter Yarrow (from Peter, Paul and Mary) on Bill Moyer’s show, Moyers & Company. You can see the show in its entirety here. The video above is Francine Wheeler and Dar Williams singing Family. It makes me cry every time.

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street art

Turquoise and lemon stories pour
as a kinship dance weaves torsos
through life’s vibrant liquidity
uniting spirits
inviting everyone in.

River, bear, and bird
Buddha, hope, and prayer
music plays while lotus grows
and Luna’s fair face glows.

Hands reach across walls
to engender convergence
and paint the city alive.

The prompt at One Stop Poetry ask that we consider graffiti, or street art. This piece is based on the work of my community in conjunction with the University of Great Falls art department. A picture of the mural tops the post, and you can see close ups of it here. Julia Becker, the artist behind the project, adds beauty to our community every day.

This is my first post at undercaws.  Until today, I posted my work at Beyond the Bozone and another new wordpress blog, gathered stones. The Bozone is closing, stones will gather.  While this blog is underdeveloped…it will grow.  Thank you for stopping by and leaving your imprint here.