An Elegy for America

Truth recoils
beneath a tweeter-in-chief.
A prevaricating bully.
A derisive philistine.
He taints the nation ludicrous
and shits down the throat
of her dreams.

Indivisibility vanishes
as spending is cut
for Planned Parenthood
Meals on Wheels
Before and after school programs
Food Stamps
and the Arts.

Liberty fears
the loss of net neutrality,
jails for profit,
silenced reporters,
and dismantled schools.

Justice for all weeps
when good old boy judges slap
the wrists of rapists.

And when the people elect
a predator,
allegiance falters.


do something.

America is dying; she gasps beneath an orange sky.

Brenda Warren 2017

One thought on “An Elegy for America

  1. Thank you for writing this poem. I’m wholeheartedly behind this call to arms!
    do something./
    America is dying; she gasps beneath an orange sky.”

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