At Midnight

at midnight
bad news on the doorstep
fistfuls of purple blooms
birds fell from flight
trees faltered
limbs broke
a mortal forest in flames
no one heard anything
I can’t remember if I cried
birds fell from flight
halfway through that horror
I stopped breathing
he saved me and
we sang dirges in the dark
fistfuls of purple blooms
bad news on the doorstep
at midnight

Brenda Warren 2016

Notes: Elizabeth’s prompt was too dang hard for me, so I went my own route with it as a backbone. Three phrases from American Pie are in this piece: bad news on the doorstep, we sang dirges in the dark, and I can’t remember if I cried. Elizabeth also provided six words we could use in our work. I used halfway, midnight, mortal, purple, and forest.

4 thoughts on “At Midnight

  1. Prompts are never more than that, suggestions at best. I really like what you did with my convoluted instructions. I gathered them from things you and others have said and tried during these first 15 days. It was fun making it up. And you have to know, I’d never complain when someone does their own thing. I’ve been doing that for years, and the prompt proves that, lol. Your piece reminded me of a first person interview after someone has witnessed a tragic event. The short, but sharp details add to that effect, and yet it is very poetic.


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    • I appreciate your thoughts on this piece, Elizabeth. I might revisit it in a different voice later. Yes I do know your prompts are gentle suggestions and I’m grateful for them this month. You are helping me persevere!

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