San San (sans parentheses)(sans little dog)

Dancing with silver spoon, the cradled moon
shines among stars. A nickel for the Milky Way.
A nickel for Cassiopeia.
The Milky Way cuts in to dance with the spoon.
The cradled moon watches them sway.
She shines her glow on the Milky Way dancing.
While spinning their shine by Cassiopeia,
silver spoon laughs at this fancy romancing

(and the little dog bays at the moon).

Brenda Warren 2016


Randolph Caldecott  And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

Notes:  This piece was written to a form called a san san. It was the prompt offered at NaPoWriMo today. In the san san a repetition of phrases or images occurs, and there is an end rhyme pattern, abcabdcd. The line in parentheses violates the form but completes the poem. Today, Elizabeth prompted us to do an exploration of silent messages our parents sent through action, or messages we passed on to our children. She provided Harry Chapin’s Cats in the Cradle for musical inspiration. I decided to create something with a nursery rhyme feel to it. My parents introduced me to nursery rhymes. Their silent message? Love language!



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