Minstrel: a Haibun

As dawn rises, Minstrel nudges my hand open, hoping for finger scratches up & down her dark brindled neck. She rumbles and curves into my morning flow, while in the background, Peter Ostroushko marries his mandolin to Pandora, stringing fields across morning’s bluing sky. Notes dangle and hum, while Minstrel’s belly thrums.

lilting mandolin
fingers, felines, fields, and sky
morning becomes us

My fingers strum through Minstrel’s brindle as Ostroushko’s lilting strings spread through us, tying us to this land with a strange sense of oneness rising with a jangle through our chests.

Brenda Warren 2016

Notes: I wrote this for Elizabeth’s prompt regarding the role of music in our lives, and for Six Word Wednesday over at The Sunday Whirl.

Minstrel is a fictional cat. Right now we are catless, other than BC, our feral (she’s coming around) Barn Cat.



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