Tomorrow’s Glow

Stitch me up with spirit
or my blood will burn snow,
melting molten rivers through your tongue’s silver flow,
Joe Cool atop your doghouse
ripping seams from my soul,
harrowing thin threads
transparent in the glow.

Eating tacos on the promenade
right before the storm,
your aviator spectacles reflect
my broken nose
(on borrow from your fisticles
and shriveled little testicles),
fractured in a second
beneath your mighty blow.

Salsa with cilantro marches
magic through the marrow
of the thin rare stillness
of the calm before your storm–

that second when I understand
there is no either or.

Stitch me up with spirit
while your blood burns slow,
melting molten rivers
that grub tunnels through my soul.
I saw my life flash frozen
and guessed that you should go,
stitch me up with sweet thin threads
transparent in the glow.

Brenda Warren 2013


Earlier this week, the first stanza of this piece came quickly, and then it stopped. I pulled it out again this morning, using the wordle words to finish it.  My goal was a piece that could be “rapped.” It’s day 27!

38 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Glow

  1. Brenda, you did a splendid write with the words. You even managed “grub”. This piece has a great flow.

    btw – I am now just going around to read. I never turned my laptop on yesterday. I was rebelling and reading a book, that was long overdue to be read. Do you like the author Paulo Coelho? If, so, you should read “The Fifth Mountain”. It is wonderful.


    • I do, and I will. Thanks Pamela. I’m glad you rebelled. Reading fills us up so we can write more later. It was good writing with you this month. This is year four for me!


    • Magic… hooray! Thanks for that thought. Alice Hoffman is my favorite fiction writer due to the way she weaves magic throughout her work, so this feels like high praise. I appreciate it.


  2. This hits home, but in a good way, Brenda. Really like what you did with the words, and loved the ‘fisticles’ (maybe that should go in a future wordlist?). Just finished reading a book “The Blessing of Animals” and this echoes that story about a woman who doesn’t know that she no longer loves her husband until he leaves her in a very rude crude manner. Your final lines are the echo I am hearing,



    • Thanks for your support, Elizabeth, and for mentioning that book. I’ve added to my list of possible summer reads. Fisticles as a wordle word? Perhaps for fun we should come up with a list of nonsense wordle words. The wheels are spinning….


  3. Stunning imagery..the last verse made me think of tender a seamstress or is often the case that men who lack testicles make up for it by throwing around their fisticles (made me 🙂 long may we glow..


  4. This poem about “rapping” of a vastly different sort – absolutely beats (ACH the second a completely unintentional and unfortunate pun) … What you have done here is to take the victim and “stitch” her ” up with spirit”. The poem not only sings it shouts in exultation and freedom – her spirit stitched BRAVO!


    • Let’s do it! haha…. I have two djembes. One has a deep rich sound, and the other is higher in pitch. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Marianne. I’m so pleased that May is around the corner.


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