Villanelle of the Lie Machine

The lie machine spreads vicious memes
through Facebook’s anxious timelines.
In hatred’s sweet extreme,

behind the scenes, its writers scheme
disseminating landmines.
The lie machine spreads rousing memes.

Masses of memes flood media streams,
falsely polished to lure and shine
in hatred’s sweet extreme.

Beneath the stream, trolls wait to scream.
Dissension is their concubine.
The lie machine spreads reams of memes

to fertilize its party’s dreams
where fear and anger twixt and twine
in hatred’s sweet extreme.

Cleaving words from fact, it gleams.
Laugh lines crease its faces.
The lie machine spreads gleeful memes
in hatred’s sweet extreme.

Brenda Warren 2015


16 thoughts on “Villanelle of the Lie Machine

  1. As I read the thoughts chugged in rhythm like gossip bubbling up and down in a pressure cooker..deftly illustrated by your picture also – it is a dilemma (to say the least) – freedom of speech is of course a right but I think these acts of terror are fuelled by the wall to wall media coverage they are inevitably ‘rewarded’ with..also the bias – we live in the Western world but how many people elsewhere die in horrendous circumstances and we never know..anyway climbing off my soap box..wishing you a peaceful Christmas time – and thank you always for the whirls..


    • Thank you for sharing your impression of a pressure cooker. I can see that, and certainly have been feeling it. It distresses me that lies are so easily spread. The good news is that more and more fact checking occurs, Spreading the truth? Let’s hope that catches on soon.


  2. It is still my firm belief
    there is more goodness here than grief
    The more the haters try to win
    the more the goodies start to spin
    a web of love with comfort in.
    Generosity and love prevail
    to vanquish hatred and ill-will
    All in favour raise hands to hail
    a firm resolve for peace.

    ViV xox


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