Whirl Twofer

buried and unbalanced

wings to carry me
wings to dry
wetness from my baby’s eyes
let me soothe him
dust his soul
bless him, bruised him
keep him whole

he deserves a first in life
screamed into a slap
a gasping instant
under all

a snare,
a breath,
an angel’s call

blue baby
dead baby
ride on wings
of dreams and prayers,
murmurings of might have beens,
buried and unbalanced

Brenda Warren 2013

The drumming thrum of wings drove him mad so

His snare pulled her wings asunder
and he stared in her glistening eyes.
He knew he was blessed by the blue faerie’s
gaze, through the way she unbalanced his mind.

He snapped his hands cupped
and shut her in,
whispering silk
through his thumbs.

Faeries always succumb
to whispering silk
through thumbs.

they always succumb.

Beat a drum.

they always succumb.

Brenda Warren 2013

Note:  Not all poems are autobiographical.  The first poem uses all of the wordle words; the second uses some of them.  Both came quickly. They read well aloud.

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44 thoughts on “Whirl Twofer

  1. You posted two strong poems here. The first one is tragic and lovely. The second one I found myself reading as a metaphor and it scared scared me. It works as a metaphor for domestic violence. Great reads.


  2. Brenda. Finally getting around to some reading and found aspects of “Buried and Unbalanced” in the piece I had submitted. I’m sure that’s a common occurrence. Mine is based on stories of my breech birth and the gasping and blue baby, WAS me. Both works of your twofer are outstanding. Thanks for the lead.


  3. Wow, this is so powerful:

    “blue baby
    dead baby …
    murmurings of might have beens,
    buried and unbalanced”

    Goodness, I LOVE the title of your second poem. Like crazy, seriously awesome. And what a great first line: “His snare pulled her wings asunder”

    Nice: “the way she unbalanced his mind”

    Love the repetition of “they always succumb”


  4. That first one captures loss. “An angles call-” This may not have been autobiographical, but I am beginning to think that the poet writes for all those who cannot. What a thought- what a gift.

    I am glad to be back this week writing with the wordlers.(I added a comment that disappeared-if both show up feel free to delete one-)


  5. omgosh your first poem is breathtakingly painful – yet there is a madness just beneath the surface and the next poem is very well written – truthfully I was still shaking from the first one.


  6. Hi Brenda, love both the poems. Poor little soul, the first poem left me a little teary. I love to read the poems aloud. Makes then somehow more concrete for me. 🙂


  7. The first one really grabbed me as it described the pain of losing a newborn or infant with such power. I agree with whoever said you should submit it to one of the babyloss organizations. And I also enjoyed the blue fairies!


  8. Your first was painfully beautiful and the second? Well I was under a misapprehension with fairies I never thought they would be entranced by silk, I thought cobwebs were their weakness!


  9. It is good to know your muse has gotten off her duff. Love the hints of a broken lullaby in the first one. Very nice.
    And “Faeries always succumb
    to whispering silk
    through thumbs.” alone, would have been worth a whole day’s reading.


  10. Not autobiographical but capturing what I imagine that loss would feel like. My poem wrote itself in about three minutes and similarly alludes to loss. Hope you are well- I have been away for quite some time so I am out of the loop! xo teri


  11. wow, amazing, brenda. I love the rhythm and the sounds. these are definitely meant to be spoken aloud — somewhere with a brick wall and a spotlight, and you standing behind an old-style microphone.


  12. Hi, Brenda… I’m so glad your muse came back from vacaction… and with a bang it did! I enjoyed both, but the first one especially.


  13. Astonishing versatility if shown in this Twofer. Coming hot on the heels of a mighty fit of the blues, I read with delight, then shock, your wonderful Buried and Unbalanced. Your second is interesting but strangely, I didn’t find the magic of the first.


    • Thanks Stan. I wish I knew how to make an audio plug in for WordPress. It’s on my list of things to do this summer when I have some time. It would be fun to read some work for the blog.


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