Imaginary balance lingers like a doe feeding
until she catches your eye and darts into shadow
elusive as the thread that held you to her,
transfixed, rooted,
bathed in the naked face of now
where acknowledgment of nirvana forces capitulation
to the scurries of illusion that make hearts flutter
giving birth to wings and feet
that wake earthbound forms from hiding
aware for a moment,
there is no lack under fullness.

Doors, on the other hand, are human constructs,
holding candlelight between walls,
casting night aside.

The doe prefers darkness,
breathing for the balance of her steady beating heart.

Brenda Warren 2013

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22 thoughts on “balance

  1. WOW! Brenda – I do think this is one of your finest – as elegant, delicate, and exquisite as a deer in the night words walking across the page in the perfect balance. Brilliantly beautiful 🙂


  2. The doe seems both fragile and resilient in this the world..she knows what she needs to survive even though the thread is tenuous.. loved the her concentrated breathing.


  3. I think if you had put in Buck instead of Doe you could have described a scene I had with a local deer late last fall. I like too how this is not dark, not sugar sweet, but just right.

    Thanks for your visit.


  4. That thread is so tenuous as you assess each other, one in fear and the other in wonder, both wary of any signs of aggression. Can either be trusted…not yet. There is nothing like that feeling of an encounter in the wild.


  5. Really like this Brenda, you captured imagination with your metaphor of the doe. First you see her, then she’s gone. Especially like your final lines. I did put the source up on my site. Not sure anyone saw it. Thanks for letting me participate. This one was a bit difficult for me because I knew the source.



  6. Oh, man. This line snags my heart:
    “elusive as the thread that held you to her”

    Gorgeous and sad. Somehow makes me ache to run, through forest and glade…until I too am “bathed in the naked face of now.” Fantastic.


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