Unaccepted Apology

A spree, a bender, a binge, a fling,
you swear it didn’t mean a thing.
Fearsome and away,
part of every day,
it haunts you with this
empty- bellied hole,
painted gone with window black
aftereffects of booze and smack
written in your intimate reserves.

A spree, a bender, a binge, a fling,
you swear it doesn’t mean a thing,
confined inside a mind that can’t remember.

Outsider, User,
Soul Abuser,
you cast your only able body under.

Brenda Warren 2013

Process Notes:
Bender, binge, and fling were all listed as synonyms for spree in MS Word. I liked the way they sounded in a list together, so I used that as a first line. With some direction from wordle words, the rest of the piece wrote itself, then I polished it.

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19 thoughts on “Unaccepted Apology

  1. this was scary to me and I think it was, in part due to the use of rhyme, and the repetition of some hard sounds. i like it. i also enjoy your process notes, thanks for sharing.


  2. Good one Brenda. I especially enjoyed your process notes. It is wonderful how these things can write themselves–and that is often my experience with wordles. Thanks for being so faithful with supplying the words!


  3. I just wrote and tried unsuccessfully to post a comment (Interestingly enough it put smack dab in the mmiddle a comment I had just made on Eric’s poem, and I couldn’t get rid of it!)
    on this wonderful, hard-hitting poem. Right on target. Your muse as I said yesterday has definitely returned! I mentioned in my comment on the Sunday Whirlthat I wondered if you are planning something specila for #100? I’ll help if you need it. Might be fun to use words all associated with anniiversaries or centennials, etc.

    Here’s my poem this week:



  4. Brenda, the repetition works effectively in this. Nice work and it reads with a great smoothness. Tell me, are we gonna have a party next week for our 100th wordle? 🙂



  5. Exactly the right flow of words..throw away for the one on the oblivion side..intolerable for the one on the other..holding on..watching..false apologies should never be accepted..


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