raining angels

Your secret touch eases
the clatter in my mind,
feeding crocuses
down to the flowering sound
of stillness—
where your hands open windows
that color the marrow of our grief
as rain swings in with its massive hips,
misting our faces
in tracks of tears
like drops down glass.

Perhaps your touch awakens angels
who swim through open windows,
riding in on the rain.

Brenda Warren 2012

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47 thoughts on “raining angels

  1. Brenda, it’s just lovely. That touch easing and awakening. And I love “the flowering sound / of stillness”. Like Mary’s poem, this one seems to go from secret to public, more encompassing.



  2. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I too liked the image of Rain-Angels and the last stanza. I wasn’t too happy with mine either until I thought of ‘shaping’ it. – And that is why we are gifted with friends to set us straight!
    Thanks to you and others visits I am happier with what I wrote now.


  3. “The flowering sound of stillness” and “rain swings in with its massive hips” are brilliant lines, Brenda! I adore that last stanza: “Perhaps your touch awakens angels who swim through open windows, riding in on the rain.” What a gorgeous image!


  4. This is lovely and powerful brenda and I’m with Walt – it’s the angels who swim through open windows, riding in on the rain” that caught my fancy as well – but all of the imagery is good

    Thanks also for stopping by the Poet Treehouse … I appreciate it.


    • Thank you for stopping to read. I think the bird is a Northern Harrier, but I may be wrong. I just got a new lens for my camera last week, and took that picture with it. I’ll be looking up Swainson’s hawk later to see if I misidentified it. I have several other pictures of it from different angles, and I enhanced this one a bit to play with the lighting.


      • Ah! Ok, actually male northern harrier makes sense.There are some similarities in the markings. I am out of practice and don’t see a lot of either of them around here, though I know harriers are around PA. Looking at it again, I see my mistake. Long plank-like wings. I did have the impression initially it was taking up more air space than a Swainson’s. From other angles, I am going to guess it had a shallow v shape to those wings.


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