Lemons and Plantains

Paul Gauguin The Meal 1891

Sadness washes down Benita’s features
as her brothers’ eyes try to salve her spirit.
On this day of celebration,
she watches Miguel kiss his new girl
and starts to think of all the ways
that he might die.

Emptiness rushes over the life she’ll never have
as she reaches for the knife. Diego grabs her hand
and holds it in his own beneath the white cloth
that skirts abuela’s table laden with lemons and plantains.
Benita shudders, as Diego squeezes her hand.

Brenda Warren 2012


Visit The Mag for more offerings inspired by Gaugin’s work. Thank you to Tess for the inspiration.

20 thoughts on “Lemons and Plantains

  1. Wow! A great story has emerged from this picture. The poignancy of “all the ways that he might die” is palpable and inspired. I really enjoyed this piece.

    Unable to log in through Blogger, so you’re getting my Twitter account instead.


  2. Oh, you and I had the same idea about the girl! How coincidental is that! I just went on all their sour faces. None of them seem happy and I thought she has the big bowl in front of her and the boys seemed to be waiting on her doing something as if she’s the mom. I like that we thought on the same lines but with differences . 🙂


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