The Circus With the Yellow Clown, 1967, Marc Chagall

Voices dance blue circles around his head
whispering their lemony secrets
beneath his clown-capped curls.

flowers and chickens
and handcuffs and fish
a man with his arms raised
his hands tight in fists

An audience of bobbing heads
applauds the shenanigans
and yellow begins to drip from his curls
down his nose, cross his brow
and into his normally so blue eyes
now swirling in voices round his head
and dripping cerulean
between the yellow lines of gingham
ruffling his clown suit collar.

He hates it when this happens.

Brenda Warren 2012

For The Mag.

20 thoughts on “schism

  1. Over the top on music to my eyes! Lemony secrets and all….I just had to go back and read it again…visions of lovely lemons and ruffles of clowns are dancing through my thoughts!


  2. All that blue and yellow must have made him a little green around the gills. I seldom wear make up but I hate when that happens too. I enjoyed your title and the drippings. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.


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