Pinot Wordled

for The Whirl

Sometimes, when I drink almost too much wine,
but never quite enough
I view hamburger soup like it is a gift from the goddess—
sacred and blessed with little hot pepper demons
added to spice up the broth that the devil swims through.
With elaborate intention, he burns holes in my throat
and makes me want to scream “Holy Shit” right out loud
in the middle of red burning river of esophageal spasms—
indigenous to this damned old body’s caverns
with its spirits that demand luscious spicy food,
all the while loathing its later rising summit.
I eat it in ritual cycles with generic pink ranitidine
intended to soothe the acid that corrodes my gullet
pink pills nullify acid like Pepto Bismol without the chalk
I wash them down with a second glass of pinot noir
and a string of ideas cultured on this screen
using words lined with significance
a condiment to my spirit flagged soup
spicy soul food
feeding my psyche
humbled and enriched with a fine glass of wine
pouring through these words I know you’ll read
on Sunday at The Whirl.

Brenda Warren 2012


It amazes me that a group of good writers continues to grow and gather at The Sunday Whirl. You all inspire me to keep writing every week. Writing every day in April was a challenge. But it’s The Sunday Whirl that kept me writing once a week, every week, for a year, April 2011-April 2012, and that feels good. We’ll keep plugging along every week at The Whirl. A dozen or so words can inspire great writing. Several Wordlers accomplish that each week. Thank you for being my writing community. You all rock!

41 thoughts on “Pinot Wordled

  1. I LOVE your word choices from this one! And I also love SPICY food – although I don’t pay for it quite so dearly – just the delicious pain of a burning mouth – easily soothed by a dollop of sour cream, or a quick swallow of cold milk!

    This was a great Wordle, and I tried once again to kill two birds with one stone. not sure I killed either one, but I had fun!


  2. Brenda, I love the immediacy of this. It seems to unfold as you are thinking. Wine for the spirit and food for the soul. And spicy too – for which we need soothing. So many delightful things going on in this poem. I love “words lined with significance”!



  3. Ok hand over the wine… oh never mind- can I just join you? I am not one who does much spice or drinking but it might be worth it just to see what words came out. Holy SHiT that’s one hot bit of writing! Have a great week Brenda!


    • Thank you, Elizabeth. Yup…my hamburger soup is similar to chili. Not so many beans, but mmmm. mmm… I dread the day my body says to slow down on the spicy. It’s coming, I can feel it. 😉


  4. Oh, Brenda, this made me laugh out loud. Pinot and spicy food is a great combo. I have had my share of nightmares for eating spicy tacos too close to bedtime 🙂 You are too funny lady!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  5. What a joy! I laughed out loud! You reminded me of the time I made chili for my sons when they were younger…mind you I’m not a great cook. They asked me what was in it besides the ground beef…my reply, “Look at the empty cans that still line the kitchen counter!” …hmm I could add some hot pepper flakes… maybe not as many as you. 🙂


  6. I SO enjoy the Whirl as a new addition to my weekly “musts” thank you, for putting it together, always such thought-provoking words!

    This part made me laugh:

    ” he burns holes in my throat
    and makes me want to scream “Holy Shit” right out loud
    in the middle of red burning river of esophageal spasms—”

    I could see the victim just writhing with the heat!! Lol


  7. Wine goes well with wordle words, I think! Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the creative juices flowing! Cheers!! Hamburger soup doesn’t sound bad. I might substitute ground turkey. LOL. Happy Mother’s Day, Brenda!


  8. LOL Talk about self punishment! This really made me smile. Some excellent lines, I agree about ‘hot pepper demons and the devil swims through.
    Very witty, clever and fun read, Brenda.


  9. I. too, have a great and abiding love for Pinot! And “hamburger soup like a gift from the goddess” is an awesome line, and concept!!!! I also love “spices up the broth the devil swims through.” Your use of the words is fun and fresh and clever! Had to look up ranititdine, although I suspected it’s meaning.

    Happy Mother’s Day and happy Sunday!


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