Maple’s somewhat sarcastic rant against Weeping Willow

Look at her—
the drama queen.
Every spring,
she falls into the river weeping,
commanding the “Ooos and ahs”
of walking humans,
drawing birds to nest beneath her green shimmering tears—
while I sit here,
barely budding
waiting for sister sun’s warming
to break apart night’s cold rear end
just a little bit earlier
so I can leave already.

Brenda Warren 2012

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25 thoughts on “Maple’s somewhat sarcastic rant against Weeping Willow

  1. Yes, I can well imagine Maple giving Willow the stink-eye and praying for Autumn to hurry up and put paid to the notion that Miss Weeping is all that … great poem esp, as other’s have said, “hope’s rear-end” – someone did say “cheeky”, yes? Yes


  2. haha…. Very cheeky and clever!
    I HATE what the WP people have done now where you’re automatically checked in to get everyone’s follow up comments, that is so not cool at all.


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