hope & chance

Hope is a dance with chance,
flashing its cobalt emerging,
vibrating your heart’s feathers.
With a wink and a song,
you’re hooked.
It’s clear.

Grab on and align your spirit
as you grind out the contrast
between want and do,
connecting the dots
that spill across life’s vibrant print.

Brenda Warren 2012

Check out The Sunday Whirl.

38 thoughts on “hope & chance

  1. You reminded me – when I started I thought I would do something the incorporated connecting the dots… I forgot about it until reading your wonderful piece!

    “Hope is a dance with chance,flashing its cobalt emerging,vibrating your heart’s feathers.With a wink and a song,” and you are leading the way. Thanks Brenda!


  2. Several wonderful images in this, caught between want and do, vibrating heart’s feathers. I liked this week’s words and you did them justice.


  3. Dots and dancing made me think of the fast paced Polka…not much time for alignment when you are in constant motion (for a celebration I am sure)! I can hear an accordion in my mind! A joyful piece out of this weeks Wordles! Thanks m’dear.


    • Thank you, Laurie. This is where they took me…. I wanted something more, but wound up liking this….you know you start and write, and think, eh….could be better. Well that was this, but it grew on me. 🙂


  4. Brenda, “grab on and align your spirit” has the feel of a mantra to me – and I like where that stanza goes – “the contrast / between want and do”.



    • I like it, too, Margo. I wonder if it rose from Dickinson’s piece….hope is a thing with feathers… feathery hearts, they exist…hearts flutter — it’s a fun image


  5. “Connecting the dots that spill across life’s vibrant print,” is wonderful, Brenda. This was a great selection of words. I loved cobalt. And I’m loving The Whirl more than ever!


  6. Good wordling, Brenda. I like the idea of connecting the dots that appear across life’s vibrant print. And yes, a dance with chance — we all do it, with differing results. The luck of the draw!


    • Thank you, Mary…yes, the luck of the draw. I’m hoping for a great end to my school year. It feels like the luck of the draw. All we can do is hope and dance.


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