music’s swell

music is memory
words evoke thought
run through my body
tie me in knots
release me so gently
cleanse me like rain
run by in measures
sweeten my pain

send my blood flowing
flood it with soul
under inside trembling your spell
rise like the sea does
spreading your swell

soft repetition
covers my eyes
sifting through messages
lyrical cries
human voices with
musical sighs
pull us under inside
tremble deep your spell
music rise up like the sea
move us with your swell

Brenda Warren 2012

Shout out to dVerse Poet’s Pub for the prompt today. Check it out, along with other explorations of music.

11 thoughts on “music’s swell

  1. this is exceptionally fine – captures the way music touches and holds us emotionally in so many ways … as so many others have said, I cannot imagine living in a world without it


  2. nice. really like the reactions music can and often do provide, fully on display in your piece here. Very nicely done. Thanks


  3. I read this through several times, because you have succeeded on several different levels—the rhyme and rhythm swept me along; the mood you evoked; the beautiful language —not to mention the musicality.


  4. whew…you dance a wicked river tonight…really nice flow and you def captured that swell that music can give you…love how you zeroed in on that physical affect it can have on us…nicely done brenda…


  5. I love the sea metaphor, Brenda. Music does rise and move like waves. I like the rhythm, too. Your poem’s a tune.


  6. Very nice, Brenda. These lines are my favs, as they describe so very well what music can / does do:

    “release me so gently
    cleanse me like rain
    run by in measures
    sweeten my pain”

    Really I don’t know what I would do without music.


  7. I love the way you describe music as swelling like the sea…a feeling I definately know….sometimes when a piece gets hold of you – it catches you like a tidal wave…drags you under- except you want to go back and get dragged under again and again…lovely images in this poem


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