January Morning in Great Falls: Reverie One

Debris collects on musty logjams
creating redolent rivulets
that cast currents off shore
where curried boulders dot
the Missouri like dumplings
in a burbling stew.

Trumpeting its lament
against the city skyline,
the depot’s keening
colors January gray,
while lady justice blindly balances
tarnished copper scales
topping off the polished patina
of the courthouse dome.

A lone goose stands firmly
on the cragged riverbank
earnestly honking fluorescence
against the morning’s somber gray.

Brenda Warren 2012

A shout out to Joseph Harker for the prompt that teased out this piece. Check out Reverie One for the details, and links to other work inspired by the same prompt.

10 thoughts on “January Morning in Great Falls: Reverie One

  1. The Missouri as a stew… love it. Especially those “curried boulders”, that jumps out brilliantly. The goose’s honk as fluorescence too, that really captures the essence of jumbling the senses.


  2. Brenda, you did a beautiful job with this and worked nature into your poem so nicely. I love ‘honking flourescence’ very much. Really captures the sound’s essence in an interesting way! And, my, you WERE quick. It took me an ‘age.’


    • Thank you, Mary. Honking flourescence is my favorite, bit. That last stanza reads like a stone. My muse was on, which is rare these days, and the weekend blessed me with writing time. I’m happy you stopped and liked my poem.


    • Thank you Viv. I was itching to do something, and my muse said, “Yes!” It’s a prompt I’ll use again, it was fun to play with…the entire piece took about 3 hours from list to finish.


    • I’ll look for it, Pamela. This came easily for me, but I was in the mood to write, and was searching for a prompt. I’m happy Margo wrote about Joseph Harker’s, it was just what I needed. Time is not always mine.
      Thanks for stopping and reading. 🙂


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