Some teachers keep the entitled kids entitled.
Providing them with privileges,
giving them their time,
they polish their own persona
with the praise of prima donnas,
all the while praying that the unkempt kid who never showers
isn’t coming down the hall to talk to them.

(he just doesn’t try)
(he’ll never learn)

That student,
that boy walking down the hall
is not falling through the cracks —
those teachers are pushing him.

Brenda Warren 2012


Shout out to dVerse Poet’s Pub for providing a place to post anything on Tuesdays.  You guys rock!

9 thoughts on “crime

  1. Oh…you hit a nerve with me on this one! Medicate and separate and maybe the “problem” will go away. I have seen so many pegged into square holes and labeled because of an overworked, underpaid educational system that wants to keep our kids sheep…the ones who don’t follow along are typically touted as having “issues” and pushed out of the system rather than embraced by it. And here I am writing a personal rant on your blog…my apologies. Thanks for engaging my brain!!


  2. It’s sad that school is the major programmer for The Way it Is, the status quo and the greed driven consumerism that passes for a culture these days, instead of the refuge for a child to learn all sorts of things all sorts of ways, and be him or herself. Great illustrative piece.


  3. ugh…sad truth in many schools… my daughter is studying at the moment and will be a teacher soon…hope she will see those kids and hold them…tried to teach her to look beyond what’s visible for the eyes..


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