The colonel twitched
bloodied to a pulp in media gutters
he longed for a bottle of water
sitting at a sidewalk café
looking always looking
anywhere he wanted
glasses dark
fear flickering in everyone
who knew who he was
as he thumped his fist
against the side of his crooked legacy
carved out in bloody revolts.

He tried to control
the viscous gurgle
filling up his throat
and died sounding
like a weak man vanishing
while cell phone cameras clicked.

Brenda Warren 2011
I wrote this piece from some words pulled from Mike Patrick’s poem, Singing on Murkle. While the gory ending certainly evokes the spirit of the season, it didn’t come out as a Halloween poem. It is what it is.

I used one of the 12 words this week in the title. To see more pieces comprised of words from Mike’s poem, visit The Sunday Whirl.

21 thoughts on “Caught

  1. Brenda, I imagine it’s hard to assemble a Wordle, even from someone else’s words, and then write to the prompt! I would not have thought of this subject. You describe it well – even though I wish he had gone to trial and served a life sentence, perhaps in adjoining cells with bin Laden, Saddam… and Bush and Cheney.

    Excellent take on the prompt, regardless of the politics! Amy


  2. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. He received the same justice he gave so many others. An inglorious demise at the hands of those he wronged–that is justice.


  3. Once very powerful but went down like how all the rest did, in a bloody battle!! The fate of all dictators in history is so much proof of that!! I wonder if they are always prepared for this kind on end!!


  4. You are an incredible storyteller, each and every wordl becomes more than a good poem, it becomes a complete story, a complete character. You are amazing, the way you take off flying.


  5. Yes, I saw too much of the ending of his life. Why do we have to witness these things? Your poem captured his ending vividly. The ‘gurgling’ makes me choke!


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