delirium’s sweet breeze

Delirium swished her dappled colors against dawn’s clear sky
blue air pleated seemings like a god’s strident breath
reigniting dappled rays of sunshine
pitched in place by swirling seas
breaching the shell of delirium’s sweet breeze.

Brenda Warren 2011

This piece was inspired by this week’s words at The Sunday Whirl. Check out the whirl for more pieces incorporating these words.

14 thoughts on “delirium’s sweet breeze

  1. Very clever, Brenda! One of the shortest wordle poems you have written. Must be due to your busy life. I too like what you did with ‘delirium.’ And yes, congratulations to your daughter on her achievement!


  2. Thanks for coming through for us, in spite of your very busy life! Loved the picture of your daughter & her friend in their sassy team outfits. And loved this perceptive poem!


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