Redemption Island

for Ozzie

I wonder what kind of food
is served on Redemption Island.

Plates of regret
garnished with olive brances
followed by a chorus of Coaches singing


Give it your best shot, Oz.
Rise on up out of those
shit stank tantrums
that scream echoes
through everything you
wish you never would have.

Peacock your way to tribal glory.

(or lose face and break something)

Either way, we’re starting
to get your number.

You cannot equalize.
You blow, dude.

Big time.

Get some help.
Redemption rarely happens
on reality TV.

Brenda Warren 2011

Okay, I’m a bit embarassed that I watch Survivor, but this season has me hooked. Last night will go down in Survivor history. This poem is for Ozzie. If you watch Survivor, you know what I mean. Either way, I think you can get the picture.

6 thoughts on “Redemption Island

  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Viv. I usually shun that type of programming, too, Viv. Many of my students watch it, and my own children liked it when it first started, so those two things got me started watching Survivor. My students also watch Jersey Shore, though, and one episode was more than I could watch. That show repulses me, and our children don’t watch it at our house.

    The personalities on Survivor are colorful. I think you have to be colorful to try to get on the show in the first place.


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