residued truth

Lemony moonlight turns through the room
ivory smooth and silent
while this day’s residue settles like a dust of breeze
congregated in a fervent sweep of sparkling
that filters truth through perception
into moments embellished like tattooed skin.

Our trunks become vessels for stories
cloaked in ink, symbols to invoke
our life’s residue, ivory smooth and sighing,
as needles filter truth through matter
conceiving and breeching
a human veneer.

This piece was born from a dozen words offered up at The Sunday Whirl. Visit the Whirl for other pieces that these words inspired.

27 thoughts on “residued truth

  1. Hey, it’s an amazing piece you’ve put together from those words. It’s very exciting to see how diverse human thought is and how the same set of words spring up various poems. This chain of images is my favourite: “fervent sweep of sparkling
    that filters truth through perception
    into moments embellished like tattooed skin.”


  2. Brenda, if this were an advertisement for a tattoo parlor, I’d be making an appointment now. I love your repetition of “residue” and that shift from “silent” to “sighing”. My favorite is “symbols to evoke / our life’s residue”. But just beautiful from beginning to end.



    • The best tattooist in my city is an English teacher in my building. She’s a truly creative woman, so if you ever make it through Great Falls, let me know, and we’ll get something scheduled for you. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping and leaving your impressions, Richard.


  3. Sorry to be so late. Someone else used the word lush, which was what I felt and thought while reading your wonderfully penned images. Body memories create stories from long ago, other lives, and states of beings. This is a wonderful exploration of the wordle words.



    • Elizabeth, Never worry about being late. I’m glad you are here. School started this week, and the “busy”ness of my life just intensified tenfold. I worry about making it out to others’ blogs to comment late in the week on their wordles, too, but that will be the nature of my year, I believe. My students are amazing and intriguing. The first two days were incredible. Day three starts in a couple of hours. Thank you for your comments. 🙂


  4. “The Illustrated Man” was one of my favorite Bradbury tales too, and I have several relatives and friends who have gotten inked for various reasons, always to remember someone or an event or to express a belief or philosophy. I’ve considered it myself, but haven’t taken the plunge yet…

    Terrific poem, Brenda – vivid and rich in its imagery. Almost makes me want to get that tattoo I’ve been pondering… 😉


  5. “Our trunks become vessels for stories”

    This is the line that so arrests me, because it is so true. Our trunks–our bodies–are vessels for stories. Blood and bone have tales to tell, if only we will listen, listen. I could run with your one line and write another whole poem. Thank you for the insight and inspiration, Brenda!


  6. Wow I love to read where different poets that the wordle words! I have become such a wordle fan thanks to your Sunday Whirl!! I especially like the images you have in this poem, like “lemony moonlight” and ‘ivory smooth.” Thank you too for visiting my blog!


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