grape indulgence

So much depends upon
the feet that stomped
the grapes that fed
this wine.

Let me lick them clean
gently spreading each long toe
expressing gratitude for
slight subtleties aroused within my palate
completely bereft of jam
swallowed liquid elixir.
Take me back to the stomp
that freed the flavor
rippling through this heady red.

This is a bit of a joke, although my husband keeps shoving his feet in my face. LOL Here it is G-Man, a 55 word poem contributed to your Friday Flash 55.

12 thoughts on “grape indulgence

  1. Now it’s common knowledge the The G-Man has a penchant for Pretty Feet.
    But no where and no how does this include the Male of the species. BARF!!!
    Now Brenda…….?
    Loved your oeniphile 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for stomping, and have a Kick Ass Week-End


  2. Feet are sensuous things I know–and yet, licking a man’s feet has never been a huge turn on for me. Perhaps if they were dripping with wine(and extremely clean) things might change.


  3. well this has a nice sensual vein running through it…smiles. have an arbor out back my house…had a nice crop this year…never stomped mine though…may have to give it a try…smiles.


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