The magician’s assistant strums her lyre
as ghoulish shadows flick like fire
snapping as a whip snaps
stinging as a bee stings
Damnation’s light show
glides beneath the altars
of her stone black soul.

Plucked strings mesmerize
lascivious strings,
delirious strings,
wicked and impure.
Millions of victimized innocents fall
plundered to the Under
as they heed the Dark Soul’s call.

This piece is a response to Brian’s prompt at dVerse – Poetics — Third Eye Open. Thanks for the prompt, Brian, I’m not sure why it plunged me into darkness.

10 thoughts on “sin

  1. Oh, this is eerie. I can picture this assistant with her ghoulish looks! Indeed, music can set the tone! (Thinking of the old silent movies, which had only music to convey action!)


  2. shivers…the music can carry quite the allure….up to the whip snap that is ….yikes…it can put on quite the show but then is found rather empty beyond the glitz and glamour…


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