these hands

for Len

Grooved hills and dales crease time
through the palms of these hands.
Bluish channels create graphemes
under skin, fine-lined with cells like leaves.
Tendon’d talons morph into fingers—
one ringed with gold-crusted meteorite
billions of years old, binding flesh unto flesh.

From the stars
to the Earth
through my heart
to your hand,
with this ring, I thee wed.

These hands we share.
These hands that imprint discourse
commit to boats that arc through air.

These hands that canoe upstream
twist j-strokes,
swaggering against an enigmatic
current of handshape that transfers
directional verbs in space:
help me,
help you,
paddle to perception.

These hands that flutter lotus
blossoms traipse longing
spelled out in gently ridged
veins rising anew
bringing my hands
from the air
to you.

Brenda Warren 2011

Shout out to Margo Roby at  Wordgathering. for the prompt that brought this piece.  Check out the link for yourselves.  It was fun to write.  I also posted this for open link night at dVerse.  Both sites are worthy of a visit. Thanks for reading my words.

Len and I chose wedding rings from Chris Ploof’s meteorite designs. The italicized words were part of the vows we wrote for our wedding. There are several sign language references in the piece. American Sign Language, ASL, has several directional verbs….the direction you move your hands determines or enhances meaning. Len and I have been married for 7 years. My daughter teaches him 10 words in ASL every few weeks.

17 thoughts on “these hands

  1. Your wedding vow is so original, moving, poetic. Yea, hands are such an apt metaphor for the journey. I like

    help me,
    help you,
    paddle to perception.

    Thanks Brenda.


  2. A pleasure to read every word here, each one a jeweler’s stroke that creates an increasing beauty. Your vows and the rings are equally lovely.


  3. Absolutely beautiful testiment to love and devotion.

    This made me cry this morning upon reading.

    haunting poem, Brenda. Brava!

    Lady Nyo


  4. This is really quite touching (no pun intended) Love the presentation, and the smooth flowing direction the words take…and love the back story! Inspiration indeed 🙂


  5. nice..hands are so evocative and you really bring them to life in this…from your opening descriptions to the symbolism of them as lotus blossoms…very nice piece…


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