Aurora Borealis

Sparks of stardust etch stories
across gossamer bones of sky.
Glistening slits of templed tales
click like sticks unfold
tangling into serpents
threads of light
intertwining ancient ideas
casting them to writhe for us
upon the skies of now.


Several words in my poem are from this week’s wordle at The Sunday Whirl.  Visit the whirl to read more poems that integrate the same words.

19 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis

  1. Brenda, this is beautiful. I love those last four lines, the images, the contrast of the “ancient ideas” with the “skies of now” – it just suggests so much about ancient stories and how they are still relevant to us today – how the mythic can be modern.



  2. These are maybe the best words yet, and you reflect them beautifully. So far, you are the only one I’ve seen using the aurora borealis. Did you find the photo or write the poem first? It’s such a perfect match.


  3. I feel so repetitive in my comments, I will just say ditto, ditto, ditto. Lovely poem and picture. Hard to believe that the poem arose from a list of words, as all flows so naturally, Brenda.


    • The words this week brought similar pieces to our playing field. They were fun….I love wordling, and am so happy to see so many participants. Thanks for your comments, Mary…I agree sometimes it’s hard to feel original. 🙂


  4. This is lovely but arrgghh! You went for two of the pairings I’ve got. I guess that’s one disadvantage of a wordle.

    My theme is quite different, however. I shall just have to re-work the poem. Not really a problem because it’s rubbish, anyway; especially compared to yours 🙂


    • You’re right about the danger. One solution is to post your poem before you read the other responses. It’s okay if we duplicate “word pairings.” You don’t need to rework it, Tilly. Just post away… Thanks for your comments….and I’m sure your piece is not “rubbish.” 🙂


  5. Brenda, this is beautiful, both poem and image. And yes, I do hear the echoes. I saw the Northern Lights only once as I was driving North at 10:00pm in Northern Wisconsin. Distant, and so strange, had to think for a few moments before I realized what it was we were seeing. They are so magical and illusive and they fit these wordle words perfectly. Wonderful marriage you have made between the words, the image, and your poem.



  6. This is so beautiful, Brenda! Your words compliment the photo perfectly! “Gossamer bones of sky” and “threads of light intertwining ancient ideas” are gorgeous. I really loved this selection of wordle words. Oh, and “skies of now” … is wonderful!!!


  7. Donna’s right, the picture and poem work so well together, it’s hard to believe the poem came first. I love lines three and four, the sound I hear as I read. Another great selection of words, Brenda.



    • Thanks Margo… I worked on a fish processing boat in Alaska one summer. The boat was called the Blue Wave, and it docked in Seattle for maintenance at the end of every summer season. We rode the boat home. It was a blast. The borealis appeared when we were going through small series of islands. They painted that picture…everything felt so ancient. They appear in Montana, too, though they don’t shine as brightly.


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