Battered hymnals agitate restlessness as
glaciers melt into clouds
carving stone across Earth’s face.
Sun over clouds
bruises peopled fields.
as  the choir’s amens feed her pulsing heart’s

and she falls to the ground.
Her tongue spews ancient
secrets of serpents and gardens
rich with the soil of everything
that is or is not what it claims to be.
She’s touched.

The other congregants call her “the tortured one.”

Afterwards she wakes
to the tremendous weight of
mercy in their eyes.

Free verse for Form Monday at One Stop Poetry. Thank you to Shay for the prompt.

6 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. felt the wrthing of that serpent ~ what a great ending ~ surprise in eyes full of ‘mercy’ ~ wonderful ~ Lib ~
    thankyou too for your kind comment ~
    Midsummer wishes ~ ~


  2. wow, the content is so rich with wordy wisdom, you saved the word “mercy” for the last line, your surprise paid off, it was delightful and well composed.


  3. Deliciously murky, ominous, even, then a mysterious ending that leaves this reader wondering but light, almost envying something both so foreign and so seductive. Fine writing, brenda.


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