Slithering Sal

Jim Morrison’s poetry illuminates Slithering Sal (the lizard-gal) as she lay in the velvet lined faux cage Jerzy the circus smith fashioned her from steel with swirls of color that dance along the bars on nights that Luna shows her full round face. To Be Alone* is hers—she whisper sings it to the empty grounds from her pillowed luxury place,

practices until it becomes her. Sal gets Morrison. She gets him like no one else, and not once has she listened to The Doors. She loves to hiss the s sounds in his words as her tail coils its way across her chest.

She’s back! Slithering Sal started in G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. To Be Alone is a Morrison poem provided in Saturday Celebrations at One Stop Poetry. I’m calling this a prose poem. I don’t know if Sal’s done with me yet, or not, but I like her. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Slithering Sal

  1. I am with Margo, I am sure there is more to tell of her existence. Glad to see you brought her back, Brenda. When I saw this prompt yesterday, I reminded of “Slithering Sal”. Since, Morrison fashioned himself to be “The Lizard King” . I immediately thought of the connection. May “Sal” live on …



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