The Sideshow Gal

Slithering Sal stares up at heavy circus canvas, and swears she’ll kill that fucking dwarf for dragging her in from the wet. She wanted to succumb to the elements out there, where everything is not what it is here, in her miserable paralyzing lizard-girl life where for 50 cents you too can sneak a peek.

This is my first Friday flash 55. Take a ride over to Mr. Knowitall for more 55 flash pieces.

16 thoughts on “The Sideshow Gal

  1. Then you should continue. This is beautifully structured with not a wasted word. And what a great piece of characterization and use of tone. I love it. Made me laugh. I knew just how she felt, somehow.


  2. I just LOVE Circus 55’s!!
    And you are so sweet for answering the invitation!
    You nailed this prompt PERFECTLY.
    I hope you had fun.
    Thanks for playing, Join us agin next Friday, And please have a Kick Ass Week-End


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