Fulfilling Liana ~ A Shakespearean Sonnet

In times of drought, Liana dreams a sea,
imagining a tail to twist and thrust.
Come mermaid me becomes her chanted plea.
Poseidon struggles hard against his lust.

Liana yearns an ocean into life;
and trances out a sodden reverie.
Liquidity belies her earthly strife;
she conjures up a deep-sea valkyrie…

Capitulating human lungs for gills
Liana breathes her last breath of the night.
She trades away the earth’s long rolling hills
as sea gods make her fervent wish take flight.

Sing out her name when tossing over dead!
Sweet Valkyrie please bind them to death’s thread.

A shout out to Sam Peralta and One Stop Poetry for the inspiration. I gave a Shakespearean Sonnet a whirl, and I like the results. The whole piece took about three hours to write, move around, etc… It was a fun process and did not wind up even near where I started. The prompts at One Stop are intelligent, as are the other pieces they inspire. Check them out.

I just wrote a free verse response called Freeing Liana ~ Free Verse.

8 thoughts on “Fulfilling Liana ~ A Shakespearean Sonnet

  1. Just a lovely rollicking classic sonnet, made even better by the myths it carries with it. Only three hours! That’s just amazing. Off to check out your free verse version now.


  2. And would the western US see that sea as we are in dire need as whole states are ablaze and the air sizzles.
    This cooling sonnet soothed and satisfied. So beautifully written. So wonderful that this article inspired it. I am so moved my Sam’s eloquence and his precise understanding of his own craft. I see your talent responded to it brilliantly! Excellent. Gay


    • In Montana, we are wet wet wet. The wetness surrounding me soothed you as it seeped its way into this piece. 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments, you made me feel good inside.


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