Freeing Liana ~ free verse

Liana cuts a trail
with the thrust of her tail
through the deep wet ocean so blue,
so blue.

Becoming one
with the current’s hum
she taxis the dead
to eternity.
Their rotting flesh
feeds gastropods
who wait at the bottom of the sea
oh yeah
(they wait at the bottom of the sea)

Eating up eternity
the ocean’s energy shifts, and
Liana gets off on the folds of change.

(Poseidon is water
Poseidon is water)

She ignores the voices in her head
preferring her oneness with ocean instead.
Water’s movement through her gills
gives Liana silent chills.


I wrote Fulfilling Liana ~ A Shakespearean Sonnet for a prompt at One Stop Poetry. This is the free verse continuation of Liana’s story. Freeing Liana.

19 thoughts on “Freeing Liana ~ free verse

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I do like the One Stop prompts a great deal. I used to blog at Beyond the Bozone, but moved over to WordPress recently. One Stop is a recent “find” for prompt sites. The community is nice, the posts are intelligent, creative, dark…everything. It’s a good place, thanks for being there, and stopping to read here. 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for participating in One Stop Poetry – I notice you are new to blogging if we can help you in any way please ask…


  3. This is fun, very much full of the free in free verse. I like the sonnet just a hair better, but this has a singsong playfulness that’s very charming(in a good way) as well, and it’s hard to take the dark humor as too dark, at least for me. Very enjoyable exercise. My pleasure to read both.


  4. Enjoyed reading the two, though the second one appeals to me more as it is darker in content, right up my street.
    I have never written a sonnet, guess I am going to have to try sooner or later. If I reach this high standard, I shall be more than satisfied.


      • zongrik…If there are forced parameters, writing within their confines sometimes brings surprise.

        Also, when you have lines of iambic pentameter they can be manipulated about the piece as long as you honor the rhyme scheme of the form. I played a great deal with the ordering of the lines. It was fun.


  5. Yes I would say this is a brilliant continuation and very clever of you to fold it onto the other side for free verse. Thank you so much for linking the continuing story. Very well done! Gay


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