The King’s Crown ~ A Magpie Tale

This carnivorous gastropod’s
rasping tongue cleans the shell
of its bivalve cousin
before it retracts its
fleshy tentacles
and hides in the mud
to digest that mollusk’s clammy flesh.
It seldom wonders why it behaves
this way, it just does.

This is my entry for this week’s Magpie Tales. Thanks for the photo, Tess. For inspiration, I researched the shell here, and also clicked on the crown shell photo there for more information.

25 thoughts on “The King’s Crown ~ A Magpie Tale

    • One of the greatest pleasures for writer me is delivering with language, and that moment where everything jives and gems pop through. That bit did. You know, it shows up all over briarcat. Thanks for coming back to reread and comment. You made me revisit the piece.


  1. Brutal, but beautifully-worded meal of a sea creature! Such scientific sounding start, ending with the emotion of “just ‘cuz”. Missed reading your stuff lady! Hope the summer brings the poet out in all of us…

    – Dina


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