Echoing Hope

Ancient grains of hope, stories survive
within the hollow bones of crows.

Legends splinter, escaping through cracks
as caws collapse against night.

Did you hear that?

Old crows caw history’s quilt, stitching stars to clay
somewhere between marrow and loft
where hearts crawl open
echoing grains of hope.

Brenda Warren 2015


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32 thoughts on “Echoing Hope

  1. Gorgeous images, Brenda. This stanza is perfection:
    “Old crows caw history’s quilt, stitching stars to clay
    somewhere between marrow and loft
    where hearts crawl open
    echoing grains of hope.”

    So delighted you are doing The Whirl again!

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    • I love the level of repetition in your piece. Thanks for coming to read mine, and sharing your thoughts. We’ll keep whirling through words, and your work this week helped me remember the mesmerizing quality of repetition.


  2. Brenda, this is stunning. I love the imagery of stitching history’s quilt–in fact the entire last stanza, no, the entire poem. I’ve been absent due to a wrist injury and this wordle was such a help to me to get the engines revved up again. Thank you


  3. Oh Welcome back, bringer of words on black wings, cinders in the sky!
    I love this wordle, your poem is full of imagery. The clay and the stars stitched somewhere between marrow and loft. Brilliant.


  4. Crows are a symbol of higher law (that which flows beyond the rules of man). I love how your word choice and imagery show that so clearly. This was a fun list of words and I am so glad you are back. One day’s ride doesn’t sound bad at all. I would be pleased to offer you dinner and some Amaretto Slush. There’s some left over from the move but it won’t last long. I have a glass almost every evening, lol.


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    • ❤ So good to see you here, Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by to read my work, comment with your deep wisdom, and offer me Amaretto Slush. It will be awhile until I'm ready for that road trip. We have too many pans in the fire right now. But one of these days I'll get an urge for going, and we'll make some plans. Woo hoo! An opportunity awaits us.


  5. What a fitting call to word once more – so many beautiful images and sounds it’s hard to separate them – like a quilt if you unpick the squares you lose the beauty of the whole…thank you for bringing back the Whirl


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