street art

Turquoise and lemon stories pour
as a kinship dance weaves torsos
through life’s vibrant liquidity
uniting spirits
inviting everyone in.

River, bear, and bird
Buddha, hope, and prayer
music plays while lotus grows
and Luna’s fair face glows.

Hands reach across walls
to engender convergence
and paint the city alive.

The prompt at One Stop Poetry ask that we consider graffiti, or street art. This piece is based on the work of my community in conjunction with the University of Great Falls art department. A picture of the mural tops the post, and you can see close ups of it here. Julia Becker, the artist behind the project, adds beauty to our community every day.

This is my first post at undercaws.  Until today, I posted my work at Beyond the Bozone and another new wordpress blog, gathered stones. The Bozone is closing, stones will gather.  While this blog is underdeveloped…it will grow.  Thank you for stopping by and leaving your imprint here.

20 thoughts on “street art

    • Yay! You found your way here. It’s nice to have a friendly face visit the new digs. Thank you for your warming wishes. May your community project build relationships and flourish.


  1. Hi Brenda ~

    Welcome to WordPress!! I started off on a “lesser” site (not Blogger) in December and switched to WP a couple weeks into blogging. I’ve been very happy with WordPress!

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added a link on my blog to this one…it helps me keep up with blogs I don’t want to miss!



  2. Brenda, your banner is an incredible photo, breathtaking. Love the graffiti wall as an opening post, reaching out to everyone from everyone. Delightful. Took a look at the project, wonderful to see such community in action. Graffit Art is often very appealing and this one is so joyful. That echoes in your poem. Welcome to WordPress. Hope you enjoy. I have both of your new sites marked and look forward to visiting on a regular basis.



    • Welcome, Elizabeth. I’m glad you checked out the project. Julia Becker is an inspired woman who can get large groups together. Her energy and enthusiasm carry people along for great rides. Thank you for seeing the joy in the work, and for your kind comments.


  3. nice…love that art can bring people and concepts together…perhaps in that there is something we can learn…

    i dig the clean look of your new home….


  4. I was delighted to read your positive take on graffiti. With the occasional objection to the defacement of beauty, I usually enjoy graffiti as an expression of freedom, joy and colour. Your final line sums up so well the good that it can do.


  5. Loved viewing the picture blog. Its the first time I have seen something like that recorded from start to finish. Its vibrant and colourful and I think I would be proud to have that at the bottom of my street.

    I have had no problems with comments here, unlike blogger, I have nothing but trouble there.

    Welcome to WordPress.

    Wonderful poem, the first line grabbed my intrigue and forced me to read on. I love work that is built around community or dialect.


    • Thank you Tino for your comments about community, it’s what the mural embraces. It was a fun piece to write, quite positive. Thank you also for the welcome to WordPress. I am glad to be here.


  6. Love the poem, Brenda. I see you are making the final leap 🙂 I like this theme as well.I think I will keep my blogger open for awhile. I am now experiencing some problems with wordpress. Viv and Tilly said my new blog is marked private?¿ I had to email the staff about an hour ago, as my settings are set for public visibility. Good luck over here.



    • Thanks Pamela. I like the poem, too. It’s nice to start positive.

      I imagine there will be kinks with WordPress, but what bothered me the most about blogger is the complaints of those unable to comment. Comments feed us, you know? Conversation around our pieces can be a helpful delight, or offer commiseration. I hated missing that, and find that there are several blogger blogs that I just can’t comment on without difficulty. If this takes care of that, the rest should work itself out.

      I just checked on your blog. I right clicked to open it in a new tab, and the top of the tab came up in Chinese Characters and said it was a private blog. Oh lordy, I hope you don’t have a whole new slew of troubles.


      • Brenda, the problem was I changed the title, but not link. I am such a dope sometimes.
        The link is:

        I dropped the “pjs” and that link is not recognized. All is well, thank goodness. I am glad I found it before wp staff did 🙂

        I may enlist your help in the future. I am happy we are starting at the same time on new blogs. If I can help, be sure to ask, but more than likely I will know less than you. I off to classes in ten minutes, argh!

        Happy writing my friend,


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