out my window

I am Gladys Kravitz
watching a dead girl rise.
Her pungent eyes cast a stench of black syllables
she spits at the street.
Her glances taste like the rotten apples
Lilith rued in the Garden of Eden.
I am not Gladys Kravitz
but I can’t stop looking out my window.
Slithering succotash.
The dead girl stops to vomit then smiles as
she spins a whistle round her finger.
A broken digit of Paradise.
A field of flowers, serpents, and flame.
To the corner she leaps in one bound
like a black tarp in wind.
She’ll soon be meeting Adam,
that heavenly dealer.
Stifle your needles with your head!
Carpe diem.
The needle needles Adam to exorcise her demons.
Together. Apart. We watch the dead girl rise.

Brenda Warren 2020


Written following the Napo Day 5 prompt

4 thoughts on “out my window

  1. Brenda, this poem is remarkable in it’s complexity. So many unique components. I googled Gladys Kravitz as I didn’t recognize the name. Is she the nosy neighbor on Bewitched? Who’s the dead girl? And Lilith was Adam’s wife before Eve? And when Adam insisted she be subservient, she grew wings & flew away! Lilith was quite a character! I had NO idea about any of this! I’m learning so much from your poem! You are amazing! xox

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    • Thank you for your continued support of my work, Marianne. Yes on Gladys Kravitz. She’s from Bewitched. This poem was inspired by NaPo’s lengthy day five prompt, and a scene I witnessed out my window. The dead girl is a girl who looked very ill. She threw up a few times across the street, then came and sat on our corner. I watched as a bedraggled man shook her hand (glovelessly) and sat with her. He took out a needle and shot up. I didn’t see him give her any… but good golly, what a strange scene. Poetic license and the NaPo prompt breathed life into it. I’m glad you like it. Me too.

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