I shiver like a root in the rain

Repentance cannot work alone.
To carry this clarity disparages despair.
Hope is where expectations appear.
Righteousness replaces sin.

If we consider incompleteness a verb
this hasn’t even started yet,
so how will it ever end?

Brenda Warren 2020


For today’s piece, I dove into the Anne Carson Bot on Twitter. The italicized line and “shiver like a root in the rain” are quotes from the Bot’s twitter feed.

4 thoughts on “I shiver like a root in the rain

  1. Powerful words, Brenda. I worry about what will happen when the worst of COVID is behind us. What will the world be like, for our children and our grandchildren? I feel strongly that it won’t be the same. The reality is that evil still exists and trump may still be president. That would be a terrible blow.


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