Returning to what never was
she tells herself stories
peppering the journey with
cycles of once upon a never times.
Lines blur
between atoms and source.

Her words become sky
as waiting stands of aspen
quake their flutter through her,
reminding her to be still and breathe.

She’s there
gathering stones.

Placing things she wished for
that were never born
in every stone
she stacks her regrets in a cairn,
ameliorating her spirit
balancing the once upon a never times,
there, where the swooshing of aspen
dances wind with song.

Brenda Warren 2016


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9 thoughts on “untitled

  1. I love the title – i hints at a story in the process of being written – still..and i can certainly relate to those once upon a never times…and the blurred lines between atoms and source..a shining song and poem

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  2. Oh my! This is spectacular….the “once upon a never times” and the way “she stacks her regrets in a cairn” and finds healing in nature through the aspen and the stones. So breathtaking and poignant 🙂

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