Baa, baa, Trump Sheep

Disregard facts
hold tight to your faith
that Donald will transform the world
with words that flower hate.

Baa, baa, Trump sheep
have you any soul?
No ma’am, no ma’am,
we sold it at the store
of bigotry and hatred
punch ‘em in the face
later on we’ll kill them
to further our disgrace.

Disregard facts
disseminate dreams
of a whitewashed world
the home of the free.

Free to be a racist,
proud to be seen
beating up the “other”
on our media screens.

Baa, baa, Trump sheep
have you any soul?
No ma’am, no ma’am,
we sold it at the store
of incendiary language
punch ‘em in the face
treat ‘em like an object
obstructing our race.

Practice smug abhorrence
present it to malign
anyone who interrupts
your hate-filled lies.
Disregard facts
let ignorance shine.

Baa, baa, Trump sheep
have you any soul?
No ma’am, no ma’am,
we sold it at the store.

Brenda Warren 2016


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30 thoughts on “Baa, baa, Trump Sheep

  1. I like the nursery-rhyme wordplay in the poem, but I think there is a lot of projection going on. Granted,i t was written in 2016. Are you as adamant about Cheeto45 now?
    More so/Less so? Does this mean Antifa mobs are given a pass to beat up Trump supporters?


  2. The mans a complete horror. I keep hoping he’s still close to Hilary Clinton and only being this way to help secure her the presidency but frighteningly he’s getting way too much support to be ignored. Not that I’ve much knowledge of American politics.

    If he gets in, I can’t imagine there’ll be much room left behind the grassy knoll.

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  3. I agree with OE, in the main, but maybe it’s because Canadians feel like the USA’s cousins, or the aunt and uncle in the attack [sic – there’s a Freudian slip if ever I saw one …] it’s supposed to be “attic”! or something.

    I’m not sure; only that many of us tend to pay as much attention to your political scene as we do our own (sometimes more as what happens with yours actually affects the world … ours, not so much).

    In any event – this is a wonderful piece … We laughed at the beginning also, but we’re not laughing now. I, like you, am terrified that the Donald may end up as President. I keep thinking – how can that be? Especially as the man who is President, really does rule the world, to certain extent – and how frightening is that?


    • Thank you for your thoughtful response, oh friendly neighbor from the north. It’s hard to laugh, when the words he speaks incite violence, and encourage blaming others. The next few months will be entertaining and frightening as hell as we watch the political arena play itself out.

      I’m glad you are writing at the Whirl. 🙂


  4. I disliked and despised the gentlemen from his reality TV appearances, and all he has done since has intensified my aversion. The trouble is that, given the mentality of his devoted supporters, they might well take your Wordle as a hymn of praise for him.


  5. One shouldn’t criticize another nation’s politics without being fully informed but clearly the current presidential candidates are concerning people all around the world. Let us hope the individual US voters really think this election through.


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