Round the Moon and Back (#)

The world unravels in my mind’s terrain as
public discourse shoots currents of hate,
bullets that annihilate cohesion through a fear
that flutters its rising pulse in anger.

Trolls lurk beneath social media memes
disseminating vitriolic dissension from the fringe.

Americans murder Americans en masse.
Jihadists murder their infidels.

Us versus Them
Us versus Us

Enough hatred already.


If we lined up every gun in America,
could we love them round the moon and back?

Brenda Warren 2015

Note: In the title, I left parentheses with # in them, as I’m curious how many times American owned guns (not military, but citizen) could go around the moon and back. Maybe (two times), maybe (ten times)? If you know, do share!


18 thoughts on “Round the Moon and Back (#)

  1. Wonderful Brenda and beautifully tied in to NY Times running an editorial on its front page yesterday calling for gun control – now ….. Could you share this at Poets Poeming for Peace?


  2. A composed and insightful look at the world as it stands particularly right now – it made me think of that picture where people hold hands around a globe – i think the guns would go onto infinity because they are things which can be repaired and built again…unlike people..whoever keeps firing there will come a day when nobody is left and the reason (if there ever is one) will disappear with ‘us’


    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I can see that image of people holding hands, and it is quite distant. My hope for humanity dwindles in light of social media. People spew intolerant vitriol like candy at a parade.


  3. The whole world is in trouble but sadly on those with a very small voice seem to realize that. Guns, pollution, global warming, destruction of vital flora and fauna, but worst of all so many races who distrust the others.


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