Morning’s Mirror

Morning sighs its arrival
breathing sleep aside.
Denying her charms
you slumber,
holy in repose.

Silent, I watch
as the dog curls into your side
nuzzling the last of night
beside you.

Shifting my weight, I rise,
turning to your form’s reflection,
barely perceptible in dawn’s
tenuous light.

I stand here watching
until color chimes its way
through the blinds,
urging your departure,
while I imprint morning’s mirror
in my mind.

Brenda Warren 2015


Today’s prompt asks for an aubade, a form that explores lovers’ morning farewells.

5 thoughts on “Morning’s Mirror

      • Oh, I love this one Brenda. So soft, reflecting the reflection of which you speak, almost in a whisper that curls deep inside of me like the dog nuzzling what is left of the night. Or because it is so very personal, that hushed tone is automatic? You made me see and breathe it with you. Please don’t tell Len I said that. Hope you have a wonderful day,



      • Thanks, Elizabeth. I appreciate your reflections. Len liked this piece, too, don’t think he’d mind if you were there vicariously. Today is the last day of spring break. Sigh. I hope I’m able to make time to write the remaining 24 days of the month.


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