The sun dispelled night a ribbon at a time
announcing morning’s pleasure
its news like squirrels ran
across the wires
above my yard
with urgent chatter on.

The hills untied their bonnets
and sweetly spread their locks
for sister wind to breathe upon
dancing for the sun.

Brenda Warren 2015


The prompt was to take an Emily Dickinson poem, and tweak it into a poem of our own. This was not my favorite exercise, but I did it. Here’s a link to the Dickinson poem. A Day

4 thoughts on “Day

  1. I can relate to your dislike of the prompt. I used a mnemonic device, in college, to remember who wrote what. It worked well until I ran into Emily. And yet now, I find that I often like pieces and parts of her poetry. I went and read her poem and liked it. But found a much more unrestrained sense of joy in your piece. I have a tendency to see Emily sitting to write, but lacing a corset round her pen before doing so. You, on the other hand, greet the day with an arms open embrace.



    • Thanks, Pamela. This wasn’t easy. I gave up after Dickinson’s first two stanzas, perhaps not doing justice to the prompt. Like I always say, though, sometimes these poems have minds of their own.


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