Twinkle, twinkle little jar
filled with memories and scars
let me throw you to the stars—
primordial shining bards.

Saturated galaxy milk
spin your orbit white,
translucent strands of who we are
thread their way through night.

Blood moon round and red
illuminating sacred,
stars sing while we shed skin
beneath their camera, naked.

Release my sheep from counting,
interrupting bliss.
This interim is hounding me
I want Ohio’s kiss.

Brenda Warren 2015

The prompt was stars.

3 thoughts on “Release

  1. Love your opening lines, so much truth surrounding reality and emotions. Do you think perhaps we might all have an invisible string tied around our wrists and on the other end there is one twinkling star. You really sparked my imagination. Transitions are not simple or easy, but they can spark some very good poetry.



  2. Brenda….this is gorgeous but, yes, the transition phase is so, so difficult. I love the imagery in these lines:
    “translucent strands of who we were
    thread their way through night.”


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