Leaving Montana

It is not stroking kayaks across Holland’s morning mirror
winter’s lifeblood trailing streams along my arms.
It is not dipping paddles through a gleaming glassy surface,
fishes floundering in a space that disappears.

It is not breaking branches along glacial mountain passes
heightening a sense of something near.
It is not snowmelt mounting, forcing channels through rock canyons
weeping diamonds in a forest of steep fears.

It is not a red winged blackbird admonishing existence
as I wander on the walkway near its nest.
It is not the thrumming wings of pelicans, against an ancient sky
over Buffalo Creek in deep July.

This is dripping salt from my eyes.

Brenda Warren
April 2015


If I make it through a month of writing it will be my sixth year participating in National Poetry Month’s poem a day during April, or NaPoWriMo. Here is the prompt for today:

Today’s prompt is a poem of negation – yes (or maybe, no), I challenge you to write a poem that involves describing something in terms of what it is not, or not like. For example, if you chose a whale as the topic of your poem, you might have lines like “It does not settle down in trees at night, cooing/Nor will it fit in your hand.” Happy writing!

As it is, poems have a mind of their own. While this one speaks of what it’s not, it’s also what it is. Makes sense to me.

I reserve the right to edit these pieces as moments pass. Nothing is every really finished.

13 thoughts on “Leaving Montana

  1. Leaving MT ? I think no since it has woven a heart song in your blood that flows like rivers from mountains to plains. She will always be a part of you.


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