Whispered Wisdom

Tear off the mask,
your face is glorious!

Stuck a flutter
those eyes north of your smile
seek a need so deep
your faux face mates a dis-
connect squeaked clean in mirrors.

Beneath your vain visage,
pieced together with luminescent
pigeon feed,
a real person dwells.

Fearing laughter’s cracks
you survey your composure
reporting aging’s reproach.

(Some butterflies live less than a month.)

Treat yourself to natural hair color,
schedule a meeting
where your real face sees the world.

Before you crack,
let it be.


Brenda Warren 2014


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Visit The Sunday Whirl

16 thoughts on “Whispered Wisdom

  1. I like this, Brenda. It is hard to show the world who we really are. I still colour my hair mainly because of my profession. The people here tend to be a bit pretentious. I am looking forward to retirement, lol.



  2. Fearing laughter’s cracks
    you survey your composure
    reporting aging’s reproach.

    True enough. Aging can stage some stress and strains. But experience can be a stabilizing factor though! Great write Brenda!



  3. My sister’s hair started going gray at seventeen, We haven’t seen her ‘real’ color since then. But unlike your character, she wears a welcoming smile, asking questions about everyone’s well-being, and promptly sets about making something to eat and serving refreshments. And somehow misses very little of the conversation swirling around her. I think your words reminded me of someone I didn’t want to think about, so my comment is a bit tangental, at best. Sorry,



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