Visions sizzle this dark night orange
stomping power
stomping pain
stomping heaving sobs of rain.

In this place where I’ve landed
language is muffled
and sleep jumps numbers like sheep.

Back up.

Where am I?
Single in repose.

Up -rightness averts its existence
with eyes that won’t say hello.

Nothing can fix anything 
that can’t learn
to let it be.

Brenda Warren 2014



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14 thoughts on “aftermath

  1. This is terrific. I really like sizzle as a verb in your opening – and very strong first stanza. You had me right there… the rhythm and pauses and ending sealed the deal. Well done!!


  2. The march of the aftermath is heavy and unrelenting..i could feel that in the opening words..and then..the breath and pause..makes all the difference to how long it lingers i suppose..


  3. Even if we forget the Beatles for a moment. Peaceable lives are usually spoiled by interference both on the micro and macro scale. How much more beautiful life is if we try love others as they are, as we are all different. Mind you it takes some time to realize that!


  4. I just noticed that the words “let it be” end both of my last two poems. Maybe I’m trying to tell myself something. Or perhaps, I just need to listen to the Beatles more often.


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